Facebook users see their photos larger than life in unique digital display

Taipei Arena is an impressive structure, built in 2005 to host major international indoor sporting events in Taiwan, holding 15,000 people. Additionally, 2,000 feet² is dedicated to an array of shopping, eating and entertainment facilities. With a huge audience – nearly 13 million visitors to the complex as well as nearby commuters – Nova Media wanted an impactful way to capture attention while at the same time creating a memorable, entertaining experience. Additionally, the opportunity to generate advertising revenue as well as provide a public service with government and non-profit messaging presented itself.

A Scala digital out of home (DOOH) experience integrated with social media was the solution they decided on, conceptualized and executed in August and September 2013. The solution uses the largest digital display screen in all of Taiwan, measuring 2400 meters², on the outside wall of the arena to display photos shared on social media in an engaging fashion. For an entertainment complex, offering those in and around the arena the unique experience of seeing their name and photo on such a large scale carries over the branding of a fun and exciting place to be and visit.

Quick facts

  • Nova Media had to capture the attention of nearly 13 million annual visitors and commuters outside Taipei Arena. The resulting solution:
    • Uses a 2400 meters² LED screen to display photos and messages from social media
    • Incorporates an easy-to-use mobile app for uploading photos into the approval queue
    • Integrates with Facebook by posting a mock-up picture to say when their photo would appear, getting them and their friends excited about seeing it
    • Captures the image being displayed via webcam and carried the social engagement even further by posting the real-world picture on the user’s Facebook wall
    • Also generates advertising revenue and, as a public service, displays government and emergency messages

Additional installations by Nova Media include targeted dynamic advertising displays in a bridal district and high-end shopping district.

For such an impactful experience, the process for users couldn’t be easier. A Facebook member downloads the free mobile app and uploads a picture of their choice. After a quick quality-assurance approval process, photos make it into the display queue, and a mock-up version of what the arena will look like is posted to the user’s Facebook page. To take the audience engagement even further, the Facebook message also lets them know exactly when to head over to Taipei Arena and see their photo displayed. Lastly, once the picture is displayed on the arena, a webcam snaps a shot of it in action and posts it to the user’s Facebook page, finishing the seamless social experience. In the end, the arena has created a fun, exciting engagement with potential visitors and essentially with all their social media followers.

The displays also showcase commercial advertisements in addition to the social media posts, generating ad revenue. The flexibility of the Scala platform allows for easy drag-and-drop, playlist-style scheduling of the videos and posts via Scala Enterprise Content Manager, which can be updated from anywhere with a just a web browser. Two additional digital installments by Nova Media, powered by the Scala platform, are Venus and Cupid Taipei LED displays used for targeted advertising in high-traffic areas of Taipei. Having video content that can be centrally updated was a key to the success of these projects, ensuring that the three screens of differing dimensions are relevant and running smoothly.

“Working with the Scala platform indeed made a lot of positive impacts to the project, most notably for its convenience and flexibility. Being able to easily update videos to three different places immediately helped us to gain our clients’ trust. Being able to make the updates with internet access as the only requirement is essential to our success, particularly in emergency situations. In addition, the system has a very easy to understand structure for updating videos, creating playlists and schedules which helps to save a lot of time!”
Roy Huang, project manager, Nova Media

The Venus screen measures about 113 meters² and is located in a popular entertainment and retail district, featuring high-quality hotels, department stores, foreign restaurants and boutiques. The screens dynamically display sharp, eye-catching imagery specifically targeted for the high-end business people and tourists that comprise the audience. Cupid Taipei LED is strategically placed in an area of Taipei with many wedding dress and wedding-related stores. Standing at 59 meters², the content predominantly promotes commercial advertisements of specific interest to that crowd.

About Nova Media
Founded in 2006, Headquartered in Taipei/Taiwan, Nova Media is a Advertising Agency as well as a System Integrator that provides end to end digital signage solutions with business activities in Taiwan and China.

About Scala
Scala has a passion for creating intelligent digital signage solutions that move employees, consumers, and products. Driving more than 500,000 screens worldwide, our solutions increase sales, improve brand loyalty, optimize the customer experience, and reinforce business objectives.

Scala is known for its innovation and leveraging best-of-breed technologies such as mobile and predictive analytics to create award-winning solutions that are easy-to-use yet infinitely customizable to meet our clients’ unique needs. Our solutions can be found all over the globe across multiple industries. Our software powers the digital communications of companies like Rabobank, IKEA, Bloomberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Burger King, TMobile, Virgin Megastores, Disneyland Resort Paris, McDonald’s, Warner Bros., Mercedes-Benz, DNB, Hard Rock Hotel, Shell, Esso, Ericsson and IBC-13.

Scala is headquartered near Philadelphia, Pa., with multiple subsidiaries across Europe and Asia, and over 500 partners in more than 90 countries. For more information, visit: http://www.scala.com or their blog. Connect with Scala via Twitter and Facebook.