What is Scala Maintenance?

Scala Maintenance is our software maintenance and upgrade program. Keeping your Scala Maintenance current gives you access to all updates and upgrades, including major releases for your suite of Scala products.

What are the benefits?

New Features. Our development team spends hundreds of hours per week packing new features and value-added benefits into the software platform. Scala Maintenance lets you take advantage of all the new features and functionality that we add through the term of your agreement to achieve maximum performance in meeting your communications objectives.*

Improved functionality. We listen! Customer feedback drives improvements to our product and to your productivity. Our development teams around the world work continuously to make Scala faster, smoother, and more robust.

Associated application compatibility. As new versions of applications like Flash and Photoshop come out, we roll that compatibility into our products.

Bug Fixes. We pride ourselves on the rock-solid quality and stability of our software. Scala Maintenance will give you access to all the latest fixes.

If you participated last year you would have benefited from the release of 143 new product features!

*See our EULA for more information.