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Digital Advertising Expansion

PT Metra Digital Media – one of Indonesia’s biggest advertising agencies, is continuously leveraging the latest in digital technology to meet market trends and needs. In 2014, PT MD Media expanded its advertising portfolio by offering Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) services. The company has successfully deployed more than 40 LEDs across Indonesia, providing great opportunity for advertisers to reach and capture the attention of more consumers. Pursuing its vision to deliver a robust and premiere DOOH solution, PT MD Media chose Scala Enterprise Digital Signage Software to efficiently manage LEDs scattered in various locations.

“PT MD Media has achieved fast and profitable growth by providing more dynamic digital advertising services. We are pleased with Scala! It gives us seamless control over our LEDs. Exactly what we need to dominate the digital advertising industry.”

PT MD Media Procurement Manager

Scala Content Manager (CMS)

Scala’s web-based central server allows quick and simplified operation management of a digital signage network. From its control center in Jakarta, PT MD Media can remotely monitor or change LED contents real time. Scala can also automate tasks by scheduling different ads and software maintenance, saving manpower time and cost.

Today, each LED loops an average of 5-10 advertisements, varying from still images to eye-catching videos – attracting not just consumers but potential advertising clients.

PT MD Media has gained huge profit growth from its DOOH business.

Advancing to an enterprise digital signage solution paved ways to new business opportunities. The technological edge PT MD Media has over the competition is directly attributed to the introduction of the digital network.

PT MD Media is a member of Telkom Group. Established in 2013, PT MD Media focuses on three (3) key areas –Media, Information, and Entertainment (IME).

PT MD Media is committed in delivering quality digital marketing and advertising solutions across Indonesia.

Scala solutions deliver engaging retail experiences by connecting networks of digital signs, kiosks, mobile devices, websites and Internet-connected devices. Scala, a STRATACACHE company, provides the platform for marketers, retailers and innovators to easily create and centrally manage deployment of shopping experiences while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions and preferences of customers in the store. With 30 years of experience entertaining, informing and educating audiences, Scala is well-known for its innovation and leveraging best-of-breed technologies, such as mobile and predictive analytics, to create award-winning solutions that are easy-to-use, yet infinitely customizable. Headquartered near Philadelphia, PA, Scala’s network of partners and developers located in more than 90 countries drives more than 500,000 screens worldwide.