TrumediaTruMedia Technologies provides real-time, automated audience measurement and proactive marketing solutions for out-of-home displays. The company has developed leading-edge technology that measures visual attention and exposure towards media, advertising and merchandise on out-of-home digital signage, displays and posters. TruMedia’s solutions make it possible to positively impact consumers’ purchasing decisions by proactively changing content to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time and at the right place.

TruMedia’s AlliO solution provides critical data on the number, gender, and age group of viewers watching out-of-home displays by using advanced video analytics technology to track viewer’s faces. Advertising effectiveness can be easily measured as AlliO provides information regarding the number of viewers who watched your advertisement, how long they watched it for and the demographic characteristics of that audience.

TruMedia is fully respectful of the audience’s privacy: no images are ever recorded, and no uniquely identifiable data is extracted.

TruMedia enables advertisers to:

  1. Measure advertising effectiveness of out-of-home displays
  2. Make educated decisions regarding advertising content
  3. Adapt content in real-time to audience size & demographics
  4. Optimize the placement of displays for maximum exposure
  5. Calculate Return on Investment (ROI)

DSIQDS-IQ’s technology optimizes shopper marketing to improve sales lift and shopping experience. With minimal implementation effort, retailers can combine shopper purchase history and real-time response to deliver micro-targeting on a mass scale. Retailers deliver the right messages, to the right shoppers, at the right places. Shoppers receive the most relevant offers and have more satisfying trips.

DS-IQ’s software enables marketers to reach shoppers along the path to purchase. This includes in-store through digital signage and kiosks; at-home through direct mail, email, and e-circulars; and mobile through SMS, apps and mobile sites.

Shopper marketing is increasingly multi-channel and segment-based, but only DS-IQ’s engine integrates multi-channels and personalizes offers using both chronological and up-to-the-minute shopper data. Marketers gain coordinated, continuous growth in ROI and lifetime value of shopper relationships.

DS-IQ has served over a dozen leading retailers and over one hundred consumer product marketers. Retailers and marketers use DS-IQ optimization to drive the right messages to the right shoppers at the right times for over 100 million shoppers a week.

DS-IQ works with Scala to deliver exceptional results for clients. Together we continually innovate to push the state of the art for in-store digital media. Our best-in-class solutions drive revenue growth for clients with intelligent scheduling and delivery of digital in-store campaigns.

  1. Optimizes digital campaigns to improve sales lift and shopping experience
  2. Powers multi-channel marketing—in-store, at-home and mobile delivery
  3. Combines shopper purchase history and real-time response
  4. Delivers continuously higher ROI