• HP – HP SignagePlayer
  • Equus – Whitebox PCs in the Americas
  • BlueChip – Whitebox PCs in EMEA
  • MediaVue – Small Form Factor PC players
  • Nexcom – Small Form Factor PC Players
  • iBase – Small Form Factor PC Players
  • Lanner – Small Form Factor PC Players
  • Seneca – Small Form Factor PC Players
  • ViewSonic – One-stop-shop for Displays, PC Players and non-PC Players
  • IAdea – Wireless Photo Frames, HD and SD players compatible with Scala
  • AOpen – Leading manufacturer, of reliable, powerful and green digital signage media player solutions
  • Mdina Media – Providing future-proof, cost-efficient solutions with high sustainability and reliability by design
  • Exterity – Hardware and Software that Allows End Users to Harness the Full Potential of IPTV
  • Quanmax – QDSP-2060 PC Player
  • Outform – iDISPLAY Android interactive players
  • Kramer Electronics – Solution products for video, audio and computer signal management

HP LogoSimplify your Scala rollouts with complete, integrated Digital Signage Solutions from HP. HP SignagePlayer is designed with industry-leading hardware from a global leader in information technology. The units are backed by a 3 year on-site warranty provided by HP’s global service organization and available through our distribution partners.

HP SignagePlayer mp8000 is an easy-to-deploy digital signage solution pre-installed with an optimized Windows Embedded OS and Scala Player 5. The HP SignagePlayer mp8000 is specifically designed and certified by Scala and HP for smooth and reliable playback of digital signage media and built for demanding digital signage duty cycles.

HP SignagePlayer con­nects automatically to Scala® Quickstart™ via a new and innovative “zero-configuration” scheme. Just plug it in, turn it on, and enter a code that shows up on the screen. It’s that easy. In most cases, you don’t even have to use a keyboard or mouse to setup your new HP SignagePlayer. However, HP SignagePlayer is also a full-featured Scala 5 player that can be quickly configured to provide reliable performance for any Scala deployment.

Choose from two flexible form factors to meet your specific needs. The ultra-slim HP Sig­nagePlayer mp8000s can be mounted behind your HP Digital Signage Display. Or, choose the HP mp8000r that offers performance and versatility with discrete nVidia graphics. Combine either player with an HP digital signage display for a complete and reliable solution.

  1. Fully configured Scala players from a worldwide leader in computing technology
  2. Backed by a three year on-site warranty
  3. Available from HP distributors and resellers in North America and Europe
  4. Exclusive Scala QuickStart “zero-configuration” scheme
  5. Optimized, custom-designed Windows Embedded OS for enhanced stability and security.

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Equus LogoEquus Computer Systems has been a Scala hardware partner for more than 10 years providing a complete lineup of preconfigured Scala systems, from small form factor players to rack mount or desktop based systems to preconfigured servers. These systems have been specifically built to Scala’s exacting specifications, so that you can be assured of the highest performance systems with the reliability you’ve come to expect from Scala Certified hardware. Equus is fully dedicated to its Channel partners (VARs, ISVs and OEMs). We don’t sell to end users. Equus is 100% employee owned company (ESOP) and has 200 employees.

Equus has regional offices that provide fast delivery and service turnaround times. We support Scala resellers and network operators with a dedicated sales account manager and personalized pre and post sales support. Founded in 1989, Equus has been profitable every year of its existence making it a stable and reliable vendor for its reseller partners.

Equus offers a full range of build-to-order and ready-to-ship, business class desktops, servers, notebooks, workstations, and a variety of other products. All systems are assembled and supported in the USA. A variety of Scala player and content servers are available. Most important, it only offers Scala Certified Hardware Solutions to Scala partners. It offers the broadest offering of logistic, service and warranty programs for its systems in North and South America. Equus provides some of the most advanced web tools for ordering, quoting, and requesting RMA of its products through Partnerlink, its ecommerce tool.

  1. Over ten years experience in providing Scala Certified Hardware to Scala Certified Partners
  2. Scala specific build-to-order website makes configuring your systems easy www.equuscs.com/scala
  3. Dedicated account manager that has worked with Scala Certified Partners for many years
  4. Quick turn around and 3 year depot warranty on hardware
  5. Call Steve Wydra at 800-641-1475 (ext 204) for a quote today

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Blue Chip TechnologyBlue Chip Technology and Scala have partnered to create a range of dedicated hardware players, designed and tested for Scala digital signage software. Blue Chip can offer pre-installed Scala 5 images for Scala’s EMEA customer base – simplifying system set up for a quicker installation.

We have accrued over 20 years experience in manufacturing reliable computer platforms for mission critical applications across industry. Incorporating special design features such as rugged chassis’, wide operating temperatures, maglev fans and high MTBF hard drives, a Blue Chip platform is ideally equipped for 24/7 play out in high footfall areas. Now the Scala customer base will have easy access to a range of proven hardware solutions with volume pricing, consistent availability and managed lifecycle. The player range is designed and manufactured in the UK, EMC tested and fully CE approved.

  1. A Scala EMEA Hardware Partner
  2. Over 20 years experience in designing and building dedicated digital signage platforms
  3. Robust, reliable builds for 24/7 operation in demanding environments
  4. Compact footprints for convenient rear screen mounting
  5. Extended lifecycle for platform stability with ‘fit, form and function’ upgrade paths


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mediaVue LogoProfessionals in more than 40 countries turn to MediaVue for digital signage player PCs. Our SureVues power street furniture along the Las Vegas strip, digital menu boards in Saudi Arabia and 51-screen video walls at the gateway to the 2012 London Olympics. Unlike our competitors, MediaVue designs and configures SureVue players to be a central, integrated component of your digital signage project, linking player hardware, operating system, application software and displays. We support you where and when you need us – before, during and after installation.

MediaVue – What’s behind your screens?

  • Used by more than 90 Scala Partners in over 40 countries
  • In use in Scala offices worldwide
  • Models available for any size project: single screen, video walls, menu boards, interactive content
  • mediaVue develops custom Scala images in-house, allowing for greater flexibility & preconfiguration
  • sureVue Player PCs are designed and tested as fully-integrated systems under typical and worst-case digital signage operating conditions
  • Models feature efficient single or multiple-zone PHALANX fail safe thermal solutions
  • SureVue. Designed and built in the USA. Performing around the world.

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Nexcom LogoNEXCOM, a leading company in embedded computer industry, is committed to providing Digital Signage solutions with industrial-grade quality and cutting edge technologies. With 18-year solid engineering experience in industrial computer design and manufacture, NEXCOM leveraged its core competency and has exceeded its competition in digital signage by providing highly reliable platforms and customize solutions.

Responding to the growing demand of media/ advertising applications in Digital Signage and Kiosk, NEXCOM has developed a wide array of digital signage players, NDiS series, to fulfill the requirements for versatile applications. NDiS product family covers from low-power and basic platforms to multiple-output high-performance media players. The scalability, flexibility and high reliability of NDiS series have been constantly proven and created word-of mouth in the market. In order to provide prompt service and offer highest value to local customers, NEXCOM has well established 7 global subsidiaries in United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, China, and Japan. For more information, please visit www.nexcom.com.

  1. PC-based platform supporting off-the-shelf modules, such as Wireless and TV
  2. Industrial-grade design and high reliability
  3. Slim and compact enclosure for easy installation and deployment
  4. Flexible display output, multiple screens support and multiple interface choice from VGA/ DVI/ HDMI
  5. Wide array of product options ranging from cost-effective, low-power, main stream to full performance, multiple output and video wall solutions

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IBASE LogoDigital signage enables a business to effectively communicate with the customer by providing prominent, timely and cost-effective customized messages. Digital signage solutions are widely used in shopping malls, airports and complexes where customers are attracted by bright and shiny electronic screens. Its value in information, advertising and entertainment is being recognized by more and more retailers. IBASE’s digital signage solutions include Disk-Size SBC, Mini-ITX and embedded systems that support superior graphics and multi display functionality.


1. Small dimensions – module height fits comfortably behind displays

2. Supports multi-display

3. High-speed Gigabit Ethernet

IBASE has recently announced the new powerful platforms for embedded market including the SI-28 Signature Book. It is designed with either an AMD Athlon II X2 Dual Core or Athlon II X4 Quad Core, and a integrated 320 Core ATi Radeon E4690 GPU. The combination of impressive CPU and Graphics performance, along the support of up to four high definition displays and ultra compact construction, make the SI-28 exceptionally suitable for the rigors of digital signage.

  1. Extremely small form factor design
  2. Dual mPCIe for Wi-Fi, 3G wireless & TV Tuner options
  3. Customized OEM / ODM Services
  4. Dedicated onboard GPU
  5. Quad Independent 1080P HDMI Displays

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Lanner LogoThe LEC-7900 is an ultra compact Intel Socket P embedded system designed for high definition video applications.Utilizing the power of NVIDIA’s GeForce 9 Series GPU, the LEC-7900 delivers fluid video performance to dual displays,all with low power consumption, creating stunning video without the high operating costs. Additionally, its ruggedized electrical and mechanical design ensures stable operation in harsh conditions.

At the core of the platform is an NVIDIA MCP7A chipset solution and Core 2 Duo Processor. The MCP7A for NVIDIA delivers stunning graphics performance capable of powering dual displays, with two seperate streams of content. All this is possible with minimal CPU overhead.

Equipped to handle both standard and high definition video the LEC-7900 comes with two VGA ports, a DVI-D port and a HDMI port. Other connections included are USB 2.0 (x4), LAN, Stereo Line Out, Mic In, Com and DIO ports.

The LEC-7900 supports one Intel Core 2 Duo or Celeron M processor (socket P) and up to 4GB of dual channel memory. It includes one 2.5” drive bay which can be either be connected via SATA or used with a SSD drive.

  1. 2 different content streams
  2. 4 Video Out Ports, dual VGA, DVI-D and HDMI
  3. Nvidia MCP7A Chipset
  4. Dedicated onboard GPU
  5. Dual Full HD Displays
  6. 2 x LAN, 4 x USB, COM & DIO

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Seneca LogoSeneca is a leading provider of innovative custom hardware solutions for the digital world.

Seneca is proud to be a Scala Certified Platform Partner and a leading source for digital signage solutions. Seneca specializes in helping our partners take full advantage of the latest computing solutions. Seneca is committed to delivering technologies and services that will allow you to differentiate your offering from the competition.

Through our involvement with industry leading associations such as the Digital Signage Association and through collaboration with key technology leaders such as Microsoft, Intel, nVidia and Matrox; Seneca is proud to bring to market an exclusive Scala Certified Player in the form of the X4-525 HD Media Player. The X4-525 High Definition Player is preconfigured with Windows XP embedded and the Scala 5 player. Please contact Robert Suffoletta at 877-450-7808 for a quote.

Seneca Specialized in:

  1. Ultra small form factor Scala Certified players including AOpen, Nexcom and X4-525
  2. Time to market services for custom development (thermal testing, performance benchmarks, custom development)
  3. Demonstrated and proven success in supporting partners with an unwavering focus on customer and quality
  4. Peripheral complementary solutions also available such as tablets, Matrox splitters, servers and storage

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ViewSonic LogoGo with the Leader!

ViewSonic® has a more than a 20 year heritage as a award-winning display technology company and is now your best provider for complete Scala Digital Signage solutions! From displays to media players to small form factor PCs, Viewsonic has it all. With display sizes from 10” to 300”, ViewSonic can fill messaging requirements for any application. From standard, slim bezel wall mountable products, to all-in–one freestanding ePosters, ViewSonic provides 24/7 messaging right where you need it. ViewSonic offers the newest Scala players for SD, HD and Wireless Photo Frames that are fully compatible with Scala 5. In addition, ViewSonic offers a line of fully functional small form factor PC players that are Scala certified and preloaded with the Windows OS and the Scala 5 player. The small form factor is still powerful enough to deliver smooth playback of crisp digital media. Whether your application requires a single 1-to-1 screen or conference room display or a multiple display screen enterprise wide deployment, ViewSonic has scalable options to meet your requirements now and into the future. ViewSonic is making digital signage a realistic, affordable and smart solution for any business or institution.

  1. One stop source for digital signage solutions
  2. Support for SD, HD and photo frame media players as well as small form factor PC players
  3. A complete line of state of the art LCD displays ranging from 10” to 300”
  4. Scala certified hardware, images preloaded and ready to go
  5. Wall mountable, freestanding and video wall solutions

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IAdea LogoIAdea is the first company in the world to provide Scala customers with cost effective dedicated “Scala Enabled” media appliances that are very simple to deploy and easily connect to a Scala network. Media appliances, as opposed to general purpose PCs, are plug-and-play for ease of use and outstanding reliability. They are 100% solid-state, fanless, and low-power, giving them better MTBF (mean-time before failure) than the typical consumer-grade equipment, thereby reducing the TCO (total cost of ownership). Hardware-based multimedia decoding yields guaranteed video decoding up to Full 1080p HD, ensuring customer’s brand and image is displayed without compromise.

IAdea’s “digital signboard” media appliance with integrated display is a unique digital signage product that combines the power of Scala software and the benefits of a media appliance in one simple to deploy counter-top unit. The design greatly reduces initial equipment cost, simplifies installation and reduces maintenance effort. As digital signage enters mainstream, the digital signboard provides a tool to convey important messages to the customer in the retail aisles and on counter-tops. These units can be connected via Wifi to simplify the installation even further, while providing support for MPEG4 video, JPEGs and even Scala based templates.

Founded in 2000, IAdea is 100% focused on digital signage media appliances. We service the global market with offices in Taiwan, U.S.A, and Canada. IAdea’s products are distributed through name brand channel partners.

  1. 100% solid-state digital signage media appliances
  2. Simple to set up, easy to maintain, low cost, high reliability
  3. Fully compatible and integrated with Scala’s Content Manager
  4. Digital Signboard provides a low cost all-in-one counter-top
  5. Global operations with worldwide distributors

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AOPENAOpen, Inc. has more than 15 years of IT hardware manufacturing experience along with keen insights into IT industry trends that help drive the growth of AOpen.

As the leading manufacturer, of reliable, powerful and green digital signage media player solutions world-wide, combined with the unique small form factor (uSFF), AOpen is able to provide the world’s smallest semi-industrial Media Player with such strong capabilities. AOpen keeps expanding its products and services for digital signage and other vertical application markets such as: kiosks, point of sales, car PCs, medical care facilities, gaming applications, flight information systems, security systems and more.

With in-depth market knowledge and a team of industry experts AOpen can offer advice for complete digital signage platform solutions. AOpen cooperates with its global value added channel network to go to market. For more information about our global distribution network, please visit our website.

Company Specializes in:

  1. Digital Signage media player hardware: AOpen Digital Engine®
  2. Digital Signage solutions offering and advice
  3. PC components
  4. AOpen WT touch screens

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Mdina Media LogoMdina Media has a long track record in perfecting sound and image for Digital Signage. As an AMD Embedded solutions partner, we take leading edge technology and transform it into innovative embedded solutions that combine extraordinary graphics performance with fluent HD video for an immersive user experience with high cost efficiency.

Our Scala certified Mdina Q1000 up to the Q9000 HD player series is based on AMD’s long-term available embedded 780E chipset, to provide future-proof, cost-efficient solutions with high sustainability and reliability by design. The identical configuration of all components with an extended lifecycle and high MTBF effectively help you to minimize roll-out and maintenance efforts for your appliances and optimize the total cost of ownership. Furthermore, Mdina’s unique embedded approach benefits reliable 24/7 indoor or outdoor operation even in the most demanding environments, from winter cold to summer heat.

To cover the broad range of individual applications, our standard and fanless Scala certified media players can be configured in a flexible way to contain only the required features to attain superior cost and energy efficiency: a wide choice of different processors enables you to fine-tune the performance. Various graphics options, including TV cards and dedicated embedded graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia, make them a true multi-purpose platform: from single screen to centralized multi-display installations with up to seven independent HD screens (1920 x 1080). All of this integrated in a housing that can be flexibly configured for desktop, rear screen or rackmount installations.

  1. High Graphics performance: Fluent HD video playback and smooth animations
  2. Cost-efficient: Scalable CPU and graphics maximize price/performance ratio
  3. Reliable by design: 24/7 operation even in extreme environments
  4. High sustainability: Extended lifecycle and MTBF minimize TCO
  5. Available now: Start the roll-out of your Scala appliances today

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Exterity LogoExterity produce market leading hardware and software that allows end users to harness the full potential of IPTV, delivering high quality television and video across their existing IP network.

This creates a system which is cost-efficient, scalable and can be controlled and managed with ease. As an added bonus, it is also possible to record and play back live TV, and even select which programs are shown, in effect creating your own TV channel.

Control over the content itself is provided via our AvediaServer platform, through which administrators can add or remove displays, switch them on or off and determine which channels can be accessed and by whom.

At Exterity, we pride ourselves on being able to devise IPTV solutions to suit any situation, offering the most diverse range of encoders and TVgateways on the market.

Companies from all sectors are using Exterity’s building IPTV solutions to train their staff, improve their communications and enhance their customers’ experience.

If you think that your organisation could benefit from an Exterity IPTV Solution, and would like to know more, please visit exterity.com.


  1. Deliver engaging live TV and video content to digital signage screens
  2. Scalable and flexible solutions
  3. Centrally managed
  4. Proven digital signage integration
  5. AV over IP specialist with 10+ years’ experience

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Quanmax LogoQuanmax Inc. has focused on hardware design and manufacture for IPC over 15 years. We are specialized in providing semi/full custom solutions to meet customers’ unique requirements for all kinds of vertical markets. In digital signage market, we constantly improve ourselves to excellence, thus, Quanmax has officially acquired Scala’s certification for its latest product- QDSP-2060 and we always commit to offer our customers reliability and perfection.

As the best of digital signage solution provider, Quanmax insists on offering high-performance, low-power consumption and tiny-sized industrial computers which can operate in tough environment. For more information, please visit www.quanmax.com.

Quanmax Specializes in:

  1. Digital signage player
  2. Industrial Panel PC
  3. Embedded system
  4. Industrial motherboard

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iDISPLAY logoOutform are proud to be a Scala partner and leading industry source for interactive commercial displays. As a true global company, with distribution hubs located in USA, UK and China, Outform manufactures plug-and-play interactive digital displays, built for commercial use. Marketed through resellers under the brand name “iDISPLAY” and powered by Pulse Technology – a combination of specialized hardware and software that optimizes the devices for use in commercial settings.

iDISPLAY products are designed to be used across a wide range of vertical markets including retail, hospitality, healthcare, banking, education, transportation, and more. Combining iDISPLAY’s Android devices with Scala Enterprise, can create a sophisticated interactive digital signage network, to engage consumers and promote your message. The iDISPLAY product line includes touchscreen Tablets and Advertising Displays of various sizes, Media Players for interactive displays, and a wide range of stands and accessories to complement the devices.

Some Pulse Technology features:

  1. Android OS
  2. Auto Processes (Auto-On, Auto-Play, Auto-Copy)
  3. Embedded WiFi and optional cellular connectivity (subject to local availability from cellular providers)
  4. Password protection
  5. Hidden buttons
  6. Connectivity to external hardware (such as printers, barcode scanners, Connect Box, Add-On accessories NFC/card reader, motion sensor, push button activation and more)

Please contact us for more information.


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Minicom Kramer Digital Signage Kramer Electronics has been developing creative solution products for video, audio and computer signal management since 1981. Kramer is an industry leader in product quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. With a full range of product offerings including our ProScale™ Presentation Scaler/Switchers, Sierra Video line of large format routers, Minicom Digital Signage’s signal extension, distribution and control solutions and our world famous TOOLS™, Kramer solutions are extensive. You can find Kramer products in a wide variety of applications – from simple solutions to complex integrated systems — from commercial applications to residential uses.

Kramer’s philosophy is embodied in our mission statement which reads – Kramer Electronics is dedicated to developing creative, reliable and value oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions, and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support.

That last part of our mission statement is extremely significant. At Kramer we believe our most important responsibility is to always provide the utmost in customer support and service. We are dedicated to building and maintaining the best relationships possible with our customers. At Kramer Electronics we pride ourselves on making the very best connections everyday…both through our product and through our people.

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Over 400,000 screens deployed worldwide
  • Award winning analog and digital signal extension and distribution and control solutions
  • Worldwide network of service and support in 23 countries

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