Content Production

Content Sources

  • HD Environments – beautiful High Definition Nature and Destination content for digital signage
  • Webvert – Audiomate – AudioMate, an Enterprise Background Music Provider of Webvert

Content Production

Telecine LogoThe TELECINE team have been SCALA believers almost from the very beginning (20+ years!!!???).
We LIVE to create great content.
We THRIVE on challenges.
We LOVE finding solutions.
If you can imagine it… we can make it happen and make it great.

SCALA is the most powerful and flexible digital signage software in the world… however there are things even SCALA can’t do out of the box. Our team of programmers and graphic artists work hand in hand with the SCALA team… using SCALA scripting… software programming… not to mention stunning graphic design… to push SCALA to the edge and beyond.

Our work speaks for itself… great content and software… for multi-screen arrays… interactive kiosks… DS networks… and one-of-a kind SCALA installations of all types.

But wait… there’s more…

…we under promise and over deliver… never quit till its perfect… and we play well with others. Our work gets noticed and wins awards.

Telecine is always on the lookout for new opportunities to solve problems (we call them challenges)… do great work… and of course impress clients and audiences everywhere.

“If there is SCALA… there is a way”
Stephane Bastien – Technical Director

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Jigsaw LogoJigsaw Interaction Design Lab (a division of 2C Visual Communications), transforms spaces, be they at events, retail stores, museums, corporate offices, trade shows, into inspiring physical environments that engage and entertain audiences through participation, interaction, play and surprise.

We blur the boundaries between design, physical environments, technology and storytelling.

The AUDIENCE, who is in the space and what you’d like to accomplish drives our process.

Technology is what we use as part of our toolset. We have developed several systems that strive to take the hassle out of technology by using management software and modularized hardware components. We’ve gone so far as designing and engineering unique stuff to make projects stand out – in 2009 we were recognized with a DIGI award to this end.

Our diVA™ software application manages and assembles the entire interactive experience while leveraging all the power you’ve come to appreciate from Scala InfoChannel. The end results are multi-dimensional user experiences without having to write tons of custom code.

We’ll bring a new dimension to your next digital signage project.

  1. We bring both technical and creative skills to projects.
  2. We are experienced at leveraging Scala in unique ways to create large scale user driven immersive experiences.
  3. diVA™ and Scala Player/Designer work seamlessly together – we’ll do all setup, customization and programming for you.
  4. Distance sensors and other inputs such as buttons and RFID tags can be used to trigger content changes and events.
  5. Integrated control for a multitude of supported hardware devices – DMX lighting, scent devices, fans, motors and more, all accessible from Player/Designer.

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Saddle Ranch ProductionsSaddle Ranch Productions brings 27 years of experience in producing content for place-based media, converting from videotape to DVD in 1999 and to broadband digital in 2002. Saddle Ranch Productions produces digital content for several networks and delivers it to thousands of venues.

Content drives the success of digital media. Creating effective content that is on-target both with your audience and goals comes from an in depth understanding of three core criteria: your audience, the environment and desired messaging.

Saddle Ranch Productions uses Targeted Content Mapping™ (TCM) to assist in developing
a dynamic content strategy for digital signage. This proprietary process includes a 4-step “needs analysis” audit to map out a Customized Content Solution. This simple but invaluable process includes:

  1. Venue Profiling – Defining the engagement influencers within the environment.
  2. Audience Profiling – Customer targeting to create relevant communication strategy.
  3. Dwell Time – Face to Sign time utilized to produce appropriate segment lengths.
  4. Message – The content connectors that will motivate your audience to action.

A comprehensive TCM Audit helps identify opportunities to enhance your brand’s relationship with consumers by driving relevance, value, and truly connected messaging.

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Dynamic Advertising LogoDynamic Advertising and Design has been working with Scala and Scala products since 2001. And, DAD is unique in that we have an intimate knowledge of both the technical and creative capabilities of Scala. We actually put our hands on, and use Scala software every day in our organization. Scala is used daily at DAD, along with a wide range of software, to create and manage content for our own, and our client’s Scala Networks.

It’s very rare in this industry to find this combination of technical knowledge, and creative talent. But because of this, DAD has grown with the digital signage industry every year. It takes these types of skills to successfully deploy and manage digital signage. This unique combination results in high impact, compelling digital signage content that not only informs viewers, but returns measurable revenue and provides a valuable source of information for our clients.

DAD has experience deploying Scala, and creating content for, community television channels, hotels, hospitals, casinos and more… Each with a unique message. Each with personal attention to detail. And each very successful.

From single screen deployments, to international Scala networks, DAD has done it.

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Hammond LogoRecognized by Scala with the “Most Innovative Deployment” award, Hammond brings over 30 years experience in creating placed-based media and over 6 years experience developing Scala based digital signage solutions from single screen to nation-wide deployments.

In part, Hammond’s core capabilities in broadcast support, content production and computer programming constitute the reason Hammond Digital Signage services are unlike many in the marketplace today. These capabilities give you a skilled partner who can devise a robust, cost effective solution built for years of efficient operation. Hammond can be a valuable solutions partner by bringing:

  1. Experience – Big or small, complex or simple.
  2. Content Solutions – Effective creative, Reliable management.
  3. Flexible Capabilities – Turnkey to Al-a-carte, how many services do you need?
  4. Innovation – Software Applications and Integration.

Our customer base is broad with deployments in retail, healthcare, restaurants, public venues, corporate, education, government, portable solutions and more. No matter what your needs, let Hammond help you develop a complete Scala solution that will set you apart from the competition.

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Imperatives LogoMaximize the use of your digital signage system with our Content Creation Services.
Imperatives, Inc. provides the graphic design necessary to get your digital signage
network up and running with ease. We bring together experts in their fields to
deliver the ideal solution to meet your business needs.

With over 13 years experience utilizing Scala, the Imperatives’ staff is skilled and
adept in optimizing all of the features of the Scala software. We are committed to
managing the design of content that attracts attention to your screens.

Imperatives, Inc. offers custom-created scripts or templates to engage every
customer with impressive, informative and entertaining screen content. Our script
designs showcase your company’s products, highlight your achievements, and
communicate your message in an attractive, attention-grabbing way.

  1. Professionally-produced content ensures you’re making the most of your digital
    signage investment by displaying fresh, high-quality, and relevant content, whether
    it’s through weekly, monthly or quarterly updates.
  2. Take your ideas from conception to measurable results by utilizing custom-created scripts for optimal results.
  3. Allow your company to get the most from your digital signage investment. We will
    not only make sure that your displays are always running the right content but will
    make updates and changes to the content so your screens are relevant and

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New Millennia LogoNew Millenia, Inc. (NMI) specializes in providing multi-media, video production and graphic arts content services for digital bulletin boards for corporations and for city local cable community television channels. Digital signage includes public venues both non-profit and for-profit applications. Effective, creative graphic arts mixed with state-of-the art video production is now a given to attract high visibility in the marketplace and it’s used in every line of business in today’s modern international business world.

New Millenia Inc. is the owner of CSG Video Productions and has recommended and used the Scala product for over twelve years beginning with the Scala 2, 3 and now Info Channel 5. CSG has received national first place awards from NATOA, the National Association of Television Officers and advisors for its content design for digital bulletin boards using the Scala Product and is the recipient of the Cable Ace Award for video productions.


  1. Digital Bulletin Boards and Signage – Content Design Providers.
  2. Take your ideas from conception to measurable results by utilizing custom-created scripts for optimal results.
  3. City Cable Television Channel Development.
  4. Professional Video Production (owner CSG Video Productions 25 yrs. experience).
  5. City Cable Television Channel Development.

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AS Video LogoASVideo has been doing video production since 1989. Since 2004 ASVideo is a Scala partner focused on Content Design and Production for Digital Signage Channels using Scala software.

ASVideo applies experienced video production know-how to create Digital Signage channels using Scala 5 optimized for each customer look and feel.

  1. Scala 5 Designer Specialist.
  2. Content Design and Programming with Scala Designer.
  3. Interactive Scala Scripts.
  4. Content Management.
  5. Templates and Content Manager Programming for accurate management.
  6. Video and Audio Production and Post Production.


Some projects including Scala software and ASVideo produced content include:

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Sound Visions LogoSound Visions Media will creatively showcase your company’s message using Scala software.

We do it all!

Award-winning video production, post production, and motion graphics. We’re equipped to shoot on location or in the studio whether it’s for digital signage or broadcast. As experts in Green Screen compositing and visual effects we can place your talent in create virtual environments.

In collaboration with Scala we have provided onsite customer training, design and installation and wrote the Scala Infochannel 5 user manuals.

So whether you need visual messaging in your lobby or a complete commercial production for broadcast, Sound Visions Media will provide you with professional, high-quality content. Some of our past clients include: Four Seasons Maui, La Costa Resort, Nestlé Corporation, Dow Chemical and the FAA.

Specializing in the following services:

  1. HD Video and motion graphics production in 1080p
  2. Green Screen compositing and visual effects
  3. Complete production and design for broadcast
  4. Design for multi-screen video walls
  5. Onsite customer training

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Adcetera LogoAdcetera is a marketing and advertising firm located in Houston, TX, but we’re also digital signage whizzes with a 25-year reputation for technological innovation. Our team of Scala-certified technicians and developers have the talent and know-how to plan, program, create, manage, and support Scala solutions at every level—from hardware setup to template development and training users. We’re all about using our unique abilities and technical know-how to get more attention for our digital signage clients. In fact, if companies had middle names, ours would be “Communication.”

But enough about us. What can we do for you? How about:

  • Wireframing of the UI and UX for passive and interactive touchscreen experiences
  • Advanced coding for weather feeds, news feeds, stock feeds, and more
  • VB Script, Python and ScalaScript coding for custom templates
  • Video production and 3D animation to create rich video experiences
  • Copywriting to develop rich, refined industry-related content and content plans

Adcetera is a Scala Certified Partner, ready to help you set up and grow your digital signage network. Let’s get started!

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Leancom Logo

Leancom offers a total Digital Signage Solution together with SCALA. Working with Leancom means that you are working with a streamlined, specialized and fast moving organization.

The name Leancom is influenced by Toyota´s Lean production concept. From Lean we have
learned to always strive to reduce any waste in a process and to cut out all parts that are not adding value for our customers.

Leancom strives to adjust and improve offers together with our customers.

This helps us to
develop and better utilize their Digital Signage investments.

We will always stay focused and specialized within Visual Communication as techniques and
methods develop fast, it is critical to be up to date within our expertise area.

Our advantage is our independence and the fact that we cooperate and work with some
of the most talented companies within the Digital Signage industry to make our customers
successful with their investments. Leancom operates as a single point of contact managing
the Digital Signage project together with our customers.

Our strengths:

  • Customer focus- ALWAYS
  • Availability
  • Specializing only in Visual Communication
  • Network of specialists within installation, integrations, design, content and production.

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REALDYNAMICS has been active since 2009 in the Digital Media. REALDYNAMICS distributes and implements the SCALA solution on any screens or similar devices (multimedia kiosk indoor, outdoor, touch, screen wall, …) in a broad customer base.
Our customers aim to rely on innovative solutions to improve communication with their partners and customers.
Many companies in Luxembourg trust REALDYNAMICS to assist them in implementing innovative technologies, which are the standards of tomorrow.
The team also offers its services for the development of messages and content to be broadcasted.

A new vision to your projects

  • Creative design
  • Innovative content (interactive SCALA script, interactive map, feed rss, live video, browser internet connection, games, …)
  • Personalization of broadcast messages
  • Software development and integration
  • Customer training
  • Hosting

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Content Sources

HD EnvironmentsThe Living Landscapes HD Collection is a premier collection of beautiful High Definition Nature and Destination content for digital signage applications.

Aesthetically engaging content improves the popularity of digital signage installations, and can be used between commercial messages or to create simple and aesthetic backgrounds for presenting text and other informational content.


  1. Over 150 High Definition video segments from exotic destinations around the world.
  2. Over 300 hours of Standard Definition travel and destination footage featuring hundreds of exotic locations from our Discovery Channel “World Away” programs. SD footage is ideal for placement within a larger HD frame.

Audio options:

  1. Natural ambient sound (recorded in 5.1 surround).
  2. Natural sounds combined with complementary music from award-winning musicians.


Beaches, jungles, wildlife, mountains, lakes, rivers, birds, sunrises and sunsets, rain forests, tropical reefs, old growth redwoods.


Africa, Alaska, Bali, Brazil, California, Caribbean, Costa Rica, New England, Fiji, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Patagonia, Singapore, South Pacific, Tahiti, Thailand, US National Parks.


  1. A full range of codecs, resolutions, bit rates and color depths are available.
  2. Masters are in the highest 1080 60i HD quality.
  3. SD footage is 4:3 Betacam.

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AudioMate LogoWebvert is a team of Music professionals… research based, technical visionaries,
specialized in developing versatile APIs for In-store music solutions world-wide.

We operate in 60 Countries in Europe, the Middle East & India. Webvert is a professional Audio Integrator that can integrate perfectly with the Scala platform.

  • Webvert Audio Integrator offers complete solutions
    optimize their business processes with content music management.
  • WAI reduces Technical Interventions offering Remote Control on-line services.
  • WAI supports all types of music files in different bit rates, stereo or mono, MP3,
    Wave or Ogg Vorbis.
  • WAI enabled an on-line help manual and setup music management system for
    full integration in Scala Content Manager.
Take a view and explore our possibilities to make from Audio a valuable part of the Scala CMS tool

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