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Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL), Malaysia, underwent a major renovation which included giving a modern, futuristic look to a new 12-story building, and accommodating the growth in patients and hospital personnel.

With such a large expansion, enhancing communication efforts between staff and patients was essential, as was creating an engaging, informative environment for visitors. Switching to digital signage from traditional paper – printed announcements were manually posted in aluminum frames – reflected the hospital’s new, modern feel and is a quicker, cost- and time-effective way of engagement.

“PHKL plays a key pioneering role in the evolution of healthcare institutions and continues to set the tone on components including expertise in the use of technology, setting high standards of quality services to its patients. With the implementation of digital solutions, we are able to update more regularly with current content, something very interactive and innovative as well, to complement the modern theme of the building.”

Puan Norhaslina Othman,
Senior Operations Manager, PHKL

The year-long planning and execution of the project resulted in 45 total displays throughout six different zones in the new wing. Twenty-six units of 42” displays are strategically positioned at waiting areas within the main lobby, health screening centre, heart centre, endoscopy centre, spine and joint centre, hand and upper limb centre, satellite pharmacy and the paediatric cluster, keeping visitors and patients informed, educated and entertained with relevant content.

The main lobby boasts a 6×1 video wall made of 55” displays, used primarily as a digital doctor directory with content rotated to include significant events or campaign highlights when required.

Upon entering the main lobby, patients and visitors can use a digital wayfinding solution and interactive directory, featured on two 42” touchscreen displays on both sides of the reception counter. Their visit is immediately enhanced by the digital solution that follows through separate areas of the hospitals. In the lift zones of the hospital there are eleven units of 42” displays.

“We created more than 40 generic templates of various categories for respective zones using Scala Designer. Our intent was to make it even easier for the hospital staff to get equipped to the new digital content solution.”

-Click Grafix

Click Grafix oversaw the provision and installation of the hardware and Scala software in the new wing. PHKL also commissioned Click Grafix to train the hospital staff and manage development of content for a period of one year.

Using Scala Designer, the content development included the creation of easy-to-update generic templates for general content, the Pharmacy Zone, the Children Zone and for the video wall, some of which meant repurposing PHKL’s existing print ads, informational and promotional material. Scala designer makes it easy to bind content across a large network by transforming creative content into templates.

PHKL and Click Grafix took advantage of the ease of which the Scala platform allows for third-party integrations. Located in the Satellite Pharmacy, they executed customized integration with the queue system, where they are displaying the queue numbers on a side frame and content playing on the main frame. This application allows for patients to see where they’re at in line while also providing a platform for advertisement.

Click Grafix is able to remotely, quickly make updates to the content, but the easy-to-use interface was quickly picked up by hospital staff, who will take over some of the content updates moving forward using the templates Click Grafix created in Designer.

Pantai Hospital
Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL), one of the pioneer private tertiary hospitals in Malaysia has made great strides since it’s established in 1974. The flagship hospital of Pantai Holdings Berhad was initially a modest 68-bed hospital with 20 consultants. Today the hospital operates almost 308 beds, with licensed for 335 beds. In addition, PHKL has more than 200 consultants specializing in various medical and surgical disciplines.

With the opening of PHKL’s new outpatient centre in Block A, which features ample parking spaces, a range of food, beverage and retail options plus new clinical centres staffed with experienced and dynamic consultants, PHKL is set to continue its sterling reputation as a premium healthcare provider.

PHKL continues to deliver the highest standards of quality healthcare and ensures continued dedication for the benefit of its patients. Their core values; Empathy, Caring, Progressive, Professionalism, and Teamwork. The hospital’s tagline, “Caring from the Heart” forms the cornerstone of Pantai’s culture.

In tandem with the National Healthcare Vision, PHKL is steadfast in delivery of quality and technologically innovative medical services. They are also in pursuit of promoting competitively priced quality health services to their patients. The hospital offers cutting edge medical equipment, centres of excellence, dedicated staff and an exclusive floor for VIPs.

Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur is accredited with Joint Commission International (JCI), Malaysia Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) and is certified as a Baby Friendly Hospital. PHKL has also been awarded with the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Gold Award in the Private Hospital Category in Malaysia for 6 consecutive years 2011 – 2016. The hospital boasts of several centres of excellence namely Cancer Centre, Breast Care Centre, Hand and Upper Limb Centre, Spine & Joint Centre, Heart Centre, Eye Centre, Lung Centre and Allergy & Immunology Centre.

Click Grafix
Founded in 1995, Click Grafix began primarily as a Digital Content Provider offering products, solutions and services for Broadcast Multimedia, 3D Animation and Non-linear Video production. To date, the company has expanded further and is positioned as a recognized and sought after Systems Integrator, Solutions Provider, Trainer and Consultant for dynamic digital signage.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry complemented by several industry awards, Click Grafix has deployed many Digital Signage solutions for use in retail, education, corporate, entertainment, hospitality, government and other industries in Malaysia and across South East Asia as well as the Middle East through direct engagements as well as in partnership with other industry players.

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