Uploading Clipart from the Content Manager DVD

The Clipart folder of the Content Manager DVD contains thousands of pieces of high-quality clipart including; images, clips, videos, and templates. Clipart is offered for various screen shapes (aspect ratios), including 4:3, 16:9, and 9:16.
Scala’s Clipart is organized into folders by type and by aspect ratio.

To upload clipart into Content Manager, follow these steps:

1. To upload images, clips, and videos, go to Content Manager’s Content > Media screen
To upload templates, go to Content Manager’s Content > Templates screen

2. Click Upload Files

3. In the Scala Content Manager File Uploader, select the pull-down menu option File > Select File(s) to Upload

4. Navigate to the desired clipart location on your product DVD

5. Select one or several the clipart items you wish to upload

6. Click Upload

Your selected clipart and templates will now be available for use within Content Manager’s Content and Planning screens.

Uploading Clipart from the Designer DVD
For images, clips, and videos, follow the same steps as for the Content Manager DVD.

For demo scripts and templates:

1. Load the desired scripts or templates into Designer

2. From the pull-down menu, select File > Publish to…

3. Select your Content Manager target, or create a new one, entering its connection information

4. Click Publish