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Discover Our Digital signage Solutions

At Scala, we use the very latest digital technologies and techniques that go beyond traditional signage solutions. Our powerful and visually engaging customer experiences are widely recognized for helping businesses deliver sales-boosting messages to their target markets. Some of the industry sectors we’ve assisted include businesses in retail sales, transportation, fast food, hotels, automotive and more.

Scala’s full range of digital signage solutions go hand in hand with today’s innovative technologies. Our intelligent visual and audience engagement solutions let businesses deliver customized on-screen messages in real time. We’ve been in the digital signage business for more than thirty years, and have evolved to include an in-house team of experts who analyze their customers’ buying patterns and use that information to design engaging displays that produce tangible results and enhance customer experiences. Scala creates personalized interactive experiences that will deliver your message clearly and help your business stand out from the competition.

Industry Leading Software

Scala’s platform for creating, managing and deploying digital content is a reliable and user-friendly software system that gives marketers and retailers total control over how and where content is played across a network of screens, ensuring relevance to current audiences

We approach each project by focusing on flexible solutions. Our professional customized solutions come with everything you need with bespoke project hardware, installation assistance and customer service and support options to fit any project requirements. We have the in-house expertise, tools and capabilities to successfully tackle any project, no matter the size or complexity.

Examples of our Work

Scala has the expertise and experience to help retailers and marketers reinvent their brands by creating unique outdoor and in-store digital experiences. Our customized signage solutions are flexible, which makes it easy to adapt them to fit virtually any project and engage any audience. As the advertising industry’s premier digital signage provider, Scala has created visually pleasing custom signage solutions for some of the world’s most successful and well-known international brands, including IKEA, Tommy Hilfiger and Argos. Click here to see a few samples of our work.

We’re a Full Service Solution Provider

Our services go beyond just creating visually pleasing signage and displays. We carefully analyze how customers spend their time and money once they enter a store. Having gathered this data, we personalize offers and experiences based on a customer’s profile and his or her behaviors while they browse your store. We’re also able to optimize marketing expenditures, staffing, store layouts and operating hours. The result is the ultimate in audience participation, customer experience and overall operating efficiency.

Always on the leading edge, Scala is continually expanding the scope of our services. We now offer certified digital media players that are a perfect match for our state-of-the-art digital advertising software. This means businesses no longer need to rely on expensive third party media players to launch their digital marketing campaigns. The introduction of the Scala Media Player simplifies digital signage applications, which makes it easier for our customers to grow their brands and achieve their business goals.

Why Use Digital Signage

Digital signage is a modern-day means of extending your brand’s reach well beyond traditional advertising methods. Reach your target market by engaging your audience and captivating onlookers through smartphones and tablets that interact with Scala’s unique eye-catching creations. Our end-to-end marketing services and solutions will increase awareness of your brand, deliver your message and promote your product, all at surprisingly affordable prices.